• Swimming Pool

    As I have reported, our swimming pool was maintained poorly for many years, causing irreparable damage to the expensive equipment as well as to the pool walls. Its maintenance was […]

  • New Flooring

    Dear Residents, As previously announced, the Association has been working on the purchase and the replacement of the carpet in the entire building. Since this project began September, 2011, we […]

  • Main Roof

    In the month of May, the Association resurfaced the 12 years old roof. The roof restoration project was performed by MANY JOYA ROOFING CO. together with HENRY CO. and their […]

  • Jacuzzi was resurfaced.

    Dear Residents, In order to keep our world-class amenities in the perfect conditions, the Hot Tub/Jacuzzi was resurfaced with the diamond bright. Also, new tiles, jets and light were installed. […]

  • Help for the handicapped…

    The Association installed the automatic door on the way to the swimming pool and related door controls to help those handicapped and others who need assistance through doors with side […]

  • Building painting

    Dear Residents: Please be advised that we have good news for you – the Board of Directors has signed a contract with Capital Painting to pressure clean, waterproof and paint […]

  • Heat Pump (Fitness, A/C supply)

    The heat pump is responsible for delivering fresh air to our fitness center and aerobics room, as well as our entire air conditioning system. Yearly poor maintenance of the heat […]

  • Front and Backyard

    From August to September 2009, the brick parking space in front of our building, the backyard picnic area, and the swimming pool areas were cleaned with a high water pressure […]

  • Pool Controllers and Water pump.

    Yearly chemical imbalance in the water of the big and kid swimming  pool affects our equipment. The water pump pictures show how over chlorinated water eats the pump.  Precision pool […]