Prepare for the Budget Meeting

Dear unit Owners:

In order for us to achieve our goals and to properly prepare for the budget meeting and to  waive a collection of unnecessary reserves we ask  for your participation by providing Management office with an executed Limited proxy, the one you received with the second notice of an Annual meeting.

The purpose of the proxy is:

  1. To adopt a 30 year Pooled cash flow plan and to pool all our reserves in one Pooled account, which will allow us to use funds for any reserve project we may have.
  2. Based on the fact, that the Association has enough cash in its Operating, as well as Reserve accounts, to WAIVE a collection of reserves in the fiscal year 2010.

Please vote “Yes” for the reserve pooling method.

Please  vote “Yes” for waiving the reserves.

You can drop your proxy to the management office, fax it to 305-466-7741 or email it to
We thank you in advance for your participation.


Board of Directors and Management


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