Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s day to You

St Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th of February every year. It is the day of the lovers. This celebration day has the word saint that means Angel. It is a festival of Roman (ancient) and Christian but now it is celebrated all over the world. The history of this day is still a mystery but it is stepped back to the marriage of Zeus and Hera in the festival of the god of fertility, Lupercus in ancient Athens and the ancient Roman.

In 496AD Pope Galasius declared the first official St Valentine’s Day on February 14 in the memory of martyred priest of the third century in Rome. But it is still not known that whether he was honoring the priest of the third century or it was the other two priests who were related to the date.

ValentineIn 270AD a priest in Rome, Valentinus betrayed Emperor Claudius by rising to distinction and he conducted illegitimate wedding ceremonies in the capital. Emperor Claudius declared that all marriages of younger citizens would be banned because he thought that the marriages made the men a poor soldiers and he couldn’t be proved a good fighters to serve their country. However the marriages between the young people were continued to be conducted by the Bishop Valentine in secret in the name of the love and sometimes as young as 12. He was jailed due to the reason that he gained unwelcome notoriety due to his success. After he was jailed, he was beheaded. But before that he fell in love with the daughter of the jailer. Bishop passed her a note on the evening of his execution on which “from your Valentine” was written. Since then valentine has become the symbol of love and angel that brings lovers close to each other and unite them. So this is the story that defines that tradition of Valentine’s Day.

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