I would like to start this newsletter by thanking all the unit owners for their trust and support during the last three years of my presidency; I have made many new friends and strengthened my ties with existing ones.
1 I would also like to thank all the volunteers and committee members who have put in countless hours and energy in making Turnberry On The Green a better place to live. I would also like to thank our entire staff for their tireless efforts and devotion.

Furthermore, I would like to thank my fellow Board members, who have worked so diligently with me and each other to make this year one of the most successful at Turnberry On The Green.

Professionalism is not enough when trying to succeed at anything. Creating a friendly and supportive team with high morale is essential to the success of whatever we endeavor, and I believe that we have accomplished this. Two years ago the spirit of our community was lacking; there was tension and animosity among the residents. I spent a lot of effort trying to create a supportive environment in our community where we all work together to achieve a common goal. I believe we have progressed a great deal, which did not happen overnight. Since our split with Kravitz Realty Group 18 months ago, I believe we have successfully put together a working team that has created an atmosphere of professionalism and camaraderie, a mutual trust and friendship among people who work together. At this time, Management, Maintenance, Security, Valet and Housekeeping are working as one large team in pursuit of making our community a wonderful place.

October is the perfect time to review all of the projects that have been completed, talk about pending projects, discuss our accomplishments, confront problems that we are still facing, and reflect on my perspective regarding the solution to these problems.

The Association requires about $230,000 every month to keep our condominium running. With that said, although the maintenance we collect from our residents has been sufficient in order to accommodate this expenditure, it does not allow us to fund projects necessary to keep our building in formidable condition. We had been faced with several projects that needed immediate attention such as an antiquated security system, a two 120- ton air conditioning system that will last only a few more months, an unsecured garage, a deteriorating pool including its equipment, shabby lobby furnishings, carpeting that needs replacement on each floor, the cracking of the exterior walls of the building, unsealed pavers and driveway. Keep in mind that an additional 30 unit owners, who purchased their unit 5-6 years ago, have recently abandoned their financial responsibilities to the Association.

In order to execute the projects I mentioned above, we needed an exorbitant amount of funding, which was not available from the maintenance fees alone. The first and simple way to collect these funds would have been to assess the residents, of which I was definitely against.

A second and more difficult way to save money was by negotiating the cost of each vendor’s contract, which was the road that we decided to take. We reviewed almost each contract and negotiated at length with the vendors to reduce the prices. As a result, we have been quite successful in saving the Association more than $150,000 as detailed on the following page:

Waste Management $12,000
Premium of Insurance $87,000
Toshiba Copier $2,300
Turf Brothers (Landscaping) $7,900
Life Safety System $15,000
OTIS (Elevator company) $10,000
Bookkeeping $16,000

I see more potential for savings by negotiating the contracts with the valet contractor, the phone company, cable service provider, and the air conditioning contractor.

Additional resources are coming from our ability to rent units of delinquent owners, which I strongly recommended two years ago but was only able to execute with the current Board of Directors. Presently the Association is managing 18 units of delinquent owners and has already received about $152,000 in rent that went towards unpaid maintenance fees.

The grand total after negotiation with the vendors and the collection of revenues from renting the apartments comes to more than $302,000.


Below you will see the table of all the projects that have been completed or in the process of being completed.


Sealing of Pavers Front of Building February 2010 $2,000
Swimming Pool Diamondbrite and
replacement of chemical control equipment
March 2010 $15,000
Remediation of 377 tubs March 2010 $0
Elevator Restoration April 2010 $2,800
Sealing of Pavers Back of Building April 2010 $2,000
Bench Installation August 2010 $2,500
Lobby Sliding Doors (3) September 2010 $8,000
Garage Gate Installation  (3) November 2010 $22,000
Lobby Re-decorating December 2010 $22,000
Painting Project (1) December 2010 $185,000
New Security System (2) February 2011 $16,000
GRAND TOTAL $249,000

(1) It took 4 months to collect bids for the painting project, negotiate with prospective contractors and select the type of paint and color. After careful consideration, the Board of Directors chose Capital Painting and Benjamin Moore was chosen as the paint supplier. The building was painted 8 years ago with a deep flat paint. After consulting with Benjamin Moore specialists, it was decided to apply a low sheen paint, which will have a dirt resistant effect and keep our building looking clean and fresh for years to come.

(2) In March 2010, the remediation of the tubs was finished. We received a lot of positive feedback regarding this project.

(3) The installation of two garage gates together with a pedestrian door operable with the key fob will provide a much higher level of security. An issue that has been extremely irritating to all of us is the recent situation with bikes being stolen from the garage. We have had a number of bike thefts within the last few weeks. Therefore, it has been recommended that a bike enclosure be installed, where the bikes are now, that will always be locked.


Replacement vs. repair of the common area Air conditioners
There are two 120-ton air conditioners on the roof that are in dire need of repair or replacements prematurely due to negligence on the part of previous Boards and management. If we go the route of repairing the units, we will need to replace 4 out of 16 compressors at a cost of approximately $30,000. Another extremely vital part of the air conditioning system is the coils, which were never properly maintained, and are completely deteriorated. Repairing them is not an option at this time as they will just crumble due to the massive corrosion. Airstron technicians quoted that it would cost approximately $60,000 to replace the coils. There is no doubt that the whole air conditioning system of the common areas needs to be addressed immediately. Replacement with the same power unit, according to the estimates, will cost the Association $360,000. This price includes removal of the old units and the installation of the new units, which will involve the use of helicopters. After consulting with Airstron specialists and after careful evaluation by me, the property manager and the chief engineer of the usage history for the last several years of our equipment during the peak season, we realized that the power of our existing units exceeded our needs. It would behoove us to replace these units with two 80-ton units at a cost of $296,000. The lower power usage would save us up to 30% in our electric bills and will pay back the cost of the equipment in about 4-5 years.

Replacement of Carpeting with Marble on Each Floor (Elevator Area)
We all know that most of the damage of the carpeting on each floor and hallways is due to irresponsible pet owners. The chemicals used to clean pet stains are very damaging to the material of the carpet. The Board decided to replace the carpet with marble tile in front of the elevators on each floor beginning with the third floor to the penthouse. The color of the marble and border will be identical to our penthouse and tower suite floors. Additionally, the hallway carpeting will be repaired. One of the estimates we received so far is about $294,000 for the total carpeting project.

Lobby Re-decorating
It is not a secret that our lobby furniture has seen better days. After numerous meetings with a number of designers, the Board decided to hire the decorators from Adriana Hoya’s Design Center. I am sure the residents will be pleasantly surprised by how beautiful the new furniture and our new lobby will look. The total cost of this project is $22,000. The furniture will arrive before the New Year.

The Garage Roof
It is obvious that not many unit owners are willing to park their cars on the top floor of the garage due to the fact that it is not covered. Therefore, in order to utilize this space and bring additional revenue to the Association, it would be a great idea to put down a foundation for two tennis courts on the roof of our garage. We believe changing the dismal gray of our roof to a beautiful green tennis court will improve the north and west views and increase the value of our property. We are exploring our options and investigating prices.

Breezeway from the main entrance to the garage
As you all know, when it is windy and/or rainy, it is very inconvenient to walk through the breezeway because of the way the structure was designed, which does not provide any protection from the elements. At the same time, the kiddy pool and playground are exposed to the public and does not give those using the pool a feeling of privacy, as they do when at the main pool. Therefore, my recommendation is to put up a wall made of beautiful green vines, thereby creating a virtually maintenance-free solution that is natural and that will enhance the front of the building. This will reduce the impact of the wind and rain and will provide privacy to the kiddy pool and playground area.


In closing, I would first like to thank our property manager, Mikhail Morgulis, and our building engineer, Igor Bond for their involvement and hard work in making all the projects I mentioned a reality.
I would like to express my appreciation to our Housekeeping team, managed by Juan Otero, who continues to keep our building sparkling clean for the last 6 years.
And finally, to all of you who have supported our endeavors, I would like to acknowledge that without your help and loyalty, all of the above could not be accomplished.

I want to express my commitment to the continued well being of our Turnberry on the Green community.

* * *.


It has been a year and a half since I became the property manager of Turnberry on the Green. I can proudly state that the building and the Association are in much better shape than before that time. I would like to believe that I played a certain role in the improvements we were able to achieve. But, most importantly, I want to recognize the role of the Board of Directors, many of the residents and several dedicated and loyal employees of the Association. They worked hard in order to bring the building to the level it is today.

Allow me to take this opportunity to inform the membership of the improvements that we were able to achieve during this time. They include several projects that did not only improve the quality of living in the building but also saved a lot of money by improving the performance of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, security, and life safety systems in the building. The major role in these achievements belongs to Igor Bond, our Chief Engineer. Performance of the A/C systems was considerably improved. The front and back areas of the property were updated with reconditioning of the pavers. Many projects were done in-house, which resulted in saving the Association thousands of dollars.

Our housekeeping department has been maintaining our building in an exemplary fashion. We have Juan Quintana to thank for his dedication and ability to oversee this very important job.

I cannot underestimate the role of our dedicated Board of Directors of the Association. With the substantial saving they were able to achieve, all major projects did not require special assessments. These projects included: installation of several additional security cameras in the building and installation of the sliding glass door in the lobby in order to improve the security of the building. We are also in the process, for the first time in the history of our building, of painting the exterior of the building and its balconies. The installation of the garage gates and pedestrian’s gate to the garage is approved and the project is in process. Additionally, as the result of the Board and management’s negotiation with contractors, we were able to substantially reduce the cost of several contracts with the building’s vendors, as follows: the trash collection cost has been reduced by over $12,000 per year, the landscaping contract was reduced close to $8,000 per year, life safety systems contracts have been reduced by over $15,000 per year, and the elevator contract was reduced by over $10,000 per year. We are in the process of negotiations with Atlantic Broadband, our cable TV provider, not only to save money but also to improve the quantity and quality of the cable channels we are receiving. We were able to recover over $35,000 from our insurance company for replacement of the defective fire pump, which was paid by the previous management and from the funds of the Association, instead of using the Association’s insurance. At the same time we were able to save over $87,000 on the premium for the property insurance in 2010. Our receivables have improved by over 20%, as compared to 1.5 years ago.

Thanks to the creativity of the Board and Management, we are able to rent the apartments of several delinquent unit owners and collect thousands of dollars for the maintenance fees previously and currently due to the Association.

The finances of our Association are in good shape. Due to our ability to improve our receivables and to save money, we were able to put aside for our reserves over $200,000 and expect to have over $400,000 in our reserve account by the end of the year.

A lot has been done, but even more is to be done. We have two major projects ahead of us: replacement of the common area A/C systems and replacement of carpet in common hallways. These projects are very costly, but again, we are planning to accomplish this without any special assessment while at the same time reducing the maintenance assessments for the upcoming year.

Several units in the building have changed hands, and I can proudly say that the Board and Management have become very selective – we carefully review every single applicant, buyer or renter, in order to make sure that the building’s security is not breached and that the applicants’ financial status is acceptable.

In closing, let me thank you for this opportunity and your support. I look forward to continue providing Turnberry on the Green Condominium with the highest standard of management service.

* * *


As a board member of many years, I am proud of the things we have accomplished to continue making Turnberry on the Green a desirable and viable place to live. The Board has worked very hard over the past year to complete many projects including: tub remediation, overall painting of the building, repair of the pool area, new lobby furniture, and the security system. We are extremely pleased that we were able to make these improvements without an increase in maintenance or special assessment charges. I am looking forward to my continued involvement in Turnberry on the Green’s ongoing improvement and development in 2011.

.* * *

4Chief Engineer, IGOR BOND

Hi, I’m Igor Bond, the Chief Engineer of Turnberry on the Green. I believe that it is my duty to help and advise residents of simple steps that may prevent major disasters in the building. It would be cost effective if you would take care of the following in a timely manner:

1. Change your A/C filters at least once every 2 months. During the summer it may be necessary to change them more often.

2. Ask your service contractor to check the evaporator coil of your A/C and to clean it if necessary. This will help your A/C unit work more efficiently and will save you a lot of money on your electric bill.

3. While cleaning the A/C coil, your service contractor should also clean the drip pan under the coil and install chlorine tablets in order to prevent the condensation drain from getting clogged with algae. This will prevent the possibility of the A/C flooding your unit and the units below you.

4. Set your A/C thermostat to a comfortable level (the average is 76° F) it is not worth turning off your A/C when you leave the apartment. When you turn it back on, it will work harder and expend more energy to get it back to the comfortable level you want.

5. Replace the old rubber hoses of your washing machine with stainless steel braided hoses. The failure of those hoses is statistically a reason for major floods in condominiums.

6. When replacing these hoses, please ask maintenance to check your dryer duct ventilation hose and the ventilation ducts and have them clean it, if necessary.

7. Replace your smoke detector battery at least once a year. The beeping sound from your smoke detector indicates that they need to be replaced; try replacing the battery before that time.

8. Pay close attention to your toilets; a little water movement in your toilet bowl is an indication of a constant leaking ballcock or a defective flapper in your toilet tank. Replacing these parts will save you and your association a lot of money in water and sewer bills.

9. Periodically lubricate the wheels and the locks of your balcony sliding glass doors.

10. I would strongly recommend replacing the old fashioned incandescent light bulbs with new fluorescent light bulbs wherever possible. This will save you a lot of money on your electric bill.

11. Your shower and bathtub drains have to be cleaned periodically in order for water to drain properly. Do not use any chemicals or so-called drain cleaners sold in hardware stores as they may harm your pipes and create major leaks. The cleaning should be done by using a mechanical snake.

12. Don’t use your garbage disposal as a trash compactor. It is designed to dispose only items such as the remaining food on your dishes, pots and/or utensils.

13. Your refrigerator is equipped with a water filter and should be replaced every 6 months or at least once a year.

In conclusion, I would strongly recommend signing a contract with a service contractor (Total: Ph#305-949-0325, 305-949-0325, Service America: 305-654-8144, Broward Factory Service: (954)797-0799. The cost of the contract is relatively inexpensive and will save you a lot of money in case of any major repairs needed for your air condition, refrigeration, plumbing, and/or electrical systems.

If you have any questions, please call me at 305-466-7767 Ext. 13. We are here to help.

I wish everyone a safe hurricane season!!

.* * *


As your assistant property manager, I endeavor to provide Turnberry on the Green with exceptional service, especially by promoting positive resident relations. I started working here on January 20, 2010, and I am very happy to be here. My primary concern is giving the residents immediate professional service. Whether by email, phone call or a visit to my office, I try to resolve all issues in a timely fashion. Everyone here basically follows the Rules & Regulations. But just to review what is most misunderstood, I would like to mention a few items that require special attention.

The use of key fobs is extremely vital in maintaining the security level of the building. When a key fob is issued to a resident, it is solely for that person’s use, and only registered residents are qualified to be assigned a fob. Many people come to the office requesting extra fobs for guests, visitors, etc, and get disappointed or upset when we do not provide it for them.

We are committed to making Turnberry on the Green a safe place to live, and by following this protocol and with the support of the residents, we can succeed in this pursuit. Please remember that when you have guests, we are more than happy to provide them with their own fob and garage pass, if need be. All you would need to do is notify the management office in advance of their arrival, and with a deposit and a filled out form, I will have the devices ready to go.

Nothing lasts forever…. including the key fobs and garage passes. Unfortunately, these items need to be replaced periodically. We try to make sure your device is truly not working any longer before you are required to purchase a new one. Lost devices are replaced for $100, and you can get a replacement fob at cost if you have the original one.

Another aspect I need to remind everyone of is the fact that guests are not allowed to stay for more than 30 days at a time, and are only allowed twice a year in the absence of a unit owner; tenants are not permitted to have guests in their absence.

If you expect to have any deliveries or move out, please call the management office in advance; through us you will be able to reserve the elevator. This is very important because many times a delivery will not be permitted if the elevator has been reserved for a move. We require a Certificate of Liability Insurance naming Turnberry on the Green Condominium Association as an additional insured for any deliveries or moves if you are using a company. All reservations require a $1,000 deposit in the form of a personal check, which is promptly returned to you when you are finished using the elevator and security clears it. We want to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that no one has a problem when needing to use the freight elevator.

These issues seem to be the most misunderstood. Condominium living requires that everyone cooperate so that we have a safe, peaceful and stress-free environment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any assistance if you have any questions . That’s what I’m here for!!!

I hope you would stop by the office to introduce yourself to us. We look forward to meeting you!!!


Noise is a concern for every resident, and because you live in a community, it’s important to understand that some degree of noise is to be expected. At the same time, residents need to consider the consequences of their noisy behavior. To keep everyone happy and maintain civility among neighbors, the association asks that you take a few steps to reduce or eliminate annoying noise.

Be Kind and Respectful: A little common courtesy makes a big difference. Keep your music and television at reasonable levels, do your vacuuming before bedtime. Quiet hours are from 11 PM until 8 AM. Please try to refrain from wearing high-heeled shoes in your unit during that time. Workers are allowed to work in your unit from 8:30 AM and must be out of the building by 5 PM. Moving your noisy appliances away from walls is very helpful should they be a disturbance to your neighbors.

Visit your Neighbor: If your neighbor is the source of the noise, try a friendly chat. Sometimes people just don’t realize how noise is affecting others. People are usually considerate once they realize they’re disturbing others. And, if your neighbor knocks on your door, listen politely and be willing to make changes to reduce your own noise. Also, remember that noise travels and what sounds like it is coming from directly above you may be coming from a totally different area.

Contact the Management Office: Always make sure you contact security when you have a noise problem so that it is recorded. If a polite request doesn’t change your neighbor’s noisiness, it may be time to ask the manager for help. Have your noise log ready, including attempts to solve the problem yourself.

Reducing noise sounds like a good idea. A quiet, peaceful community, relatively speaking, is a happy community.

(We have the right to reject articles)

* * *




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