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2019 Maintenance Payment Instructions

Dear Members of Association,

Monthly Assessment Fee must be received by the 1st day of every month in the office of Turnberry on the Green Condo Association at 19501 W Country Club Dr., checkbook1Aventura Florida 33180. There is a 10 days grace period after which assessments not received by the 10th day of each month will be subject to an administrative late fee of $25.00 and interest of 15% per annum from due date until paid.

If you would like to set up Direct-Debit authorization, please fill out the corresponding form enclosed and fax to 305-466-7741, e-Mail to, or deliver directly to the management office.
Please disregard this letter if you have signed up of for Direct-Debit program. This will be serve as a reminder for you to send your maintenance fees in a timely manner each month. In an effort to make sure that we have current contact information, please provide us with updated mailing address, phone number, and e-Mail address by choosing the “Contact Us” tab.

 As per the Florida Statutes, Section 718.112(f), “Unless the reserve funds have been waived by the members of the Association, they must be included as part of the operating budget for 2019 fiscal year.  As of today, the Association members have voted to waived the reserve.

Effective January 1st, 2019, the new monthly Association fees are as follows for each line (for example: 1513 is line 13, 1512 is line 12, etc.)

Line #2                                               $476.72                          TS02, TS05, TS06, TS08, TS09                           $941.29
Line# 1, 11                                        $482.79                           TS03                                                                     $929.15
Line# 6                                               $479.76                          TS01                                                                      $907.89
Line# 7, 12, 15                                  $658.91                           TS07                                                                     $904.86
Line# 5, 10                                        $631.58                           TS04                                                                     $895.75
Line# 3                                              $874.49
Line# 4, 8, 9, 13, 14                         $695.34

As usual, you are always welcome to call the management office should you have any questions.


Board of Directors
Turnberry on the Green Condominium Association

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