New Contract solves the swimming pool problems…

Our Swimming and Kid pool is most important, valuable and useful amenities in the building. Problem related with the maintenance of our Swimming pools was presented to the unit owners by President and General manager on Meeting (November 11, 2008)

President pointed out that after the improper maintenance of our pools during the past two years caused damage to the equipment (filters, controllers, water pump, pipes as well as the pool contraction itself.) The cost to repair this has already exceeded more than $42,000. Based on the Presiden’s analysis, thefollowing was recommended:
Discontinue the services of the present pool company because of their poor performance over the last few years and recently.
B. Contract with Jose Garcia, experienced and licensed pool service technician, to start maintaining our pools.

Board voting:
Gregory Arzumanov, Ken Caban and Stephanie Boren voted FOR it.

Jennifer Pannucci and Maria Viton voted AGAINST it.

Base on majority Board decision, I’m as President of the Association sign and execute contract with Jose Garsia, experienced professional pool technician.

Click HERE to view Pool service contract.

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