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  • Garage Security

    Dear Residents, South Florida has been experiencing an exponential rise in crime; unfortunately, we have been affected as well.  Currently, security at the garage is the biggest concern of the […]

  • Turnberry won the lawsuit

    In 2012, Assocociation replaced two 120-ton A/C units on the roof of our building.  In part, this decision was based on information presented by Airstorn, the company in charge of […]

  • The 8th Piano Concert

    The Board of Directors has been proud to host the 2021 Young Talented Players Recital which occurred mid-June. This is the 8th concert in the past six years hosted by […]

  • Security upgrade

    As we all already know, since June 1, 2021, the city authorities have canceled the requirement of wearing masks outdoors. The health and safety of our employees and residents is […]

  • Go Green Award

    In the month of April, The Association has been Go Green warded by the mayor of Aventura, Enid Weisman, as one of the companies that best use energy-saving technology and […]

  • Criminal Background Check

    We are very pleased to announce that we have the ability to run soft pull on credit reports with the help of Yuka Security.  This means that running applicants credit […]

  • Upgraded TV and Internet

    The Atlantic Broadband and Unitec technicians collaborated with our engineering team to complete the installation of the fiber-optic cable in the entire building. The installation was overlooked by Yuka Security. […]

  • Going Green and Saving Money

    Dear Residents, Since 2012, we have participated in the Go Green Recognition Program, which is provided by the patronage of the Aventura City Mayor. We have been awarded 7 times […]

  • 2020 Newsletter

    Dear Unit Owners and Residents Turnberry on the Green, I would like to start this article by expressing my appreciation towards all the Board members, my colleagues, Committees, and Residents […]

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