Gregori Arzoumanov

Gregory Arzumanov

I was born in Georgia in 1961 from a family of a military pilot and a financial adviser. From 1967 until 1989, I was a member of the Georgian National swimming team and participated in many National, European, and World Championships in swimming. During this period of time, I obtained 106 gold, 15 silver and 7 bronze medals. Simultaneously with my sport career, I studied piano for over 10 years, computer designer and programing in space communication.

My professional career started with my graduation from two Universities in Computer and Physics fundamentals. I received my Ph.D in Quantum Physics from IPU (Division of Russian Academy of Science) in 1992.

I have been living in the US since 1992 and have operated my own businesses since 1998. I moved to Miami with my family and have lived in Turnberry on the Green since 2004. I am the father of three children. The eldest daughter, Anastassia, graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  She works as a software engineer in San Francisco.

Turnberry on the Green’s Association was in disastrous financial condition when I was elected as President of the Board in 2008. The previous management company left our accounts nearly empty, and we were one step away from bankruptcy.

The current Board made this Association the most financially stable condominium in South Florida. We have accumulated $4,300,000 million dollars in our financial accounts, thereby gaining security for future projects.

The most valuable thing that I’ve done is to build a professional team, which along with the Board members, works as one for the success of the Association. This team has accomplished numerous projects worth over $2,000,000 million dollars in total without assessing the unit owners even a dollar. Furthermore, the unit owners in 2020 are paying a monthly maintenance fee less than what they paid 12 years ago. The record speaks for itself.

Since 2008, I have been re-elected every year. Please vote for the current Board so we can continue to build our financial stability and future security for all of us here at Turnberry on the Green.


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