Turnberry won the lawsuit

In 2012, Assocociation replaced two 120-ton A/C units on the roof of our building.  In part, this decision was based on information presented by Airstorn, the company in charge of this project.  Airstron provided numerous calculations of A/C replacement costs, projected energy savings, return on investment, and so on.  Upon project completion, we noticed some savings on our electrical bills, but is it enough?

Therefore, I spent many days comparing all numbers and found notable inconsistencies.  As a result, I recommended to the Boad of Directors to open a lawsuit against Airston . BOD showed a full suport.  After years of litigations and due to TOG’s strong case, Airstron offered a settlement in the amount of $200,000, which we have accepted.

Gregori Arzoumanov, CEO


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