Stephanie Boren

I am a full time resident that has been residing at Turnberry on the Green for the past 5 years. Those of you who have not had a chance to get to know me, please know that I am straight to the point with no BS. I will always be upfront and honest with you, and am dedicated to maintaining this building. I have no hidden agendas and have high standards of those who work in and for this great building. Reelected, I will continue to make sure that the money is collected where need be for past due maintenance, that the personnel working here are proficient in their duties, and that everyone’s opinion is addressed.

Stephanie Boren

I have been on the board of directors for two years, seen many changes, most of which I have been active in developing. Some of which are as follows:

1. Changed board of directors from THREE members to FIVE members.

2. Changed the insurance company for our hurricane policy (flood, glass, uninsured outside buildings) saving approximately $ 160,000 in 2008. This coming 2009 we will probably save an additional $ 50,000.

3. Spent two years negotiating with the developer to fix the damaged tubs and walls.*

4. Due to changes of property managers, was head of checking and budgeted with vendors for less expensive prices for landscaping (Saving about $ 17,000), and exterminating (Saving about $ 2,400).

5. Had the dog park fenced in and requested the yard to be flea sprayed- as we have a very large pet population.

6. Spent one year developing Turnberry on the Green “Rules and Regulations”.

7. Have been on the Turnberry Screening Committee.

8. Worked with the attorneys to collect unpaid maintenance fees from delinquent owners. Thus, trying to keep our maintenance down to a minimum.

In other words, I have been a busy, concerned unit owner, working towards the goal of a better Turnberry on the Green. As said, I have been on been an active member in seeing this development grow.

I hope to continue to share my experience with my fellow unit owners and to continue to work diligently with Gregori Arzumanov, Ken Caban, and Brad Mitchell to maintain and do better. Thank you for your vote and continued support.


Stephanie Boren
V.P. of Turnberry on the Green

* We have one more issue to agree on before we sign and there will be no more costly litigation. In other words, sealed deal.

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  1. Turnberry Lover

    Great Job Steph! You have always been the one to stand up for what’s right and even challenge your fellow board members when it was not the “popular” thing to do, but whats Right. I admire your passion and courage. Your heart is in the right place and so are your intentions. I hope with my vote – you be on the board for another term, and more to follow. Thank you for your dedication.

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