Car Registration

All Residents’ motor vehicles must be registered with the Management Office by April 17, 2020.
Residents must provide: Complete Registration Form, proof of car registration, insurance , and a Driver Lic. A NEW registration sticker will be issued by the Management office and must be placed on the rear side of the vehicle. Any unregistered motor vehicle parked in the  Turnberry on the Green parking garage will be towed at the Owner’s expense.

Primary vehicle: No charge. Vehicle must be parked only on the assigned to unit parking spot.

Second and Third vehicle: If a resident has a number of vehicles that exceeds the number of assigned to unit parking spot(s), he/she shall be subject to a charge:

  • $75.00 /month per vehicle without Valet Service
  • $105.00 /month per vehicle with Valet Service

New rates effective March 1, 2020.

Second or third vehicle(s) must park only in parking spot marked “RESIDENT” or on 4th level of the garage.

Payment: The payment must be received by the management office on or before the 1st day of each month. If the payment is received after the 5th day of the month a $25.00 late fee will apply. The resident is responsible for the payments during the time frame that the vehicle is registered with the management office. No invoice is required to be sent by the management office. In order to obtain the “S” – registration sticker, the vehicle(s) must be registered with the Management Office, by providing the proof of registration and insurance. The set forth registration sticker must be placed on the rear window of the vehicle. Secondary vehicle(s) must park only in parking spot marked “RESIDENT” or on 4th floor of the Garage.

Condominium: Section 6, Rules & Regulations




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