Balcony Doors Project

Dear Members of the Association,

In order to comply with the Condominium Declaration §17.6 and to avoid any violations of the Fire Life Safety Code, on the meeting that occurred on February 21st, 2018, the Board of Directors reviewed the bids, voted and approved the following project, which is now mandatory for each unit:

  1.  Covering the work area to ensure no residue is transported throughout the unit
  2.  Remove the sliding glass door.
  3.  Replace the original rollers, on the balcony doors, with stainless steel tandem rollers.
  4.  Install stainless steel track cap, over existing rail for optimal door movement.
  5.  Replace bumper tubes.
  6.  Install Sliding glass door
  7.  Cleaning of tracks and frames.
  8.  Lubricate and adjust all sliding glass doors, to ensure opening is sealed and properly aligned.
  9.  Clean up work area and remove all the trash.

The Association has negotiated a bulk discount to do the aforementioned work in each apartment. Residents will be informed of the installation schedule. During the installation, the Association will provide the limited warranty sheet and the installation invoice.
All owners who have already performed the above mentioned replacements must show proof, such as a receipt or an invoice.

Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Board of Directors


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