• Main Roof Repair

    Maintaining Roof A building roof serves as the first line of defense against whatever the skies throw at its inhabitants—wind, rain and blazing sun — so it’s crucial for that […]

  • Door painting project

    Dear Owners and Residents of Turnberry on the Green, As we informed you at the beginning of the year the painting project has been completed. We fixed and repaired and […]

  • Koi Fish in a Pond

    Koi Fish meaning in Japan is good fortune or luck they also are associated with perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose, the Koi fish symbolize good luck, abundance and […]

  • Palm landscaping

    Most condominium associations have a large line item in their budgets dedicated to landscaping. Well-maintained landscaping can have a significant positive impact on a community’s curb appeal and unit values. […]

  • Balcony Doors Project

    Dear Members of the Association, In order to comply with the Condominium Declaration §17.6 and to avoid any violations of the Fire Life Safety Code, on the meeting that occurred […]

  • Playground

    Our playground offer a multitude of benefits that go far beyond aesthetics and giving kids something fun to do. They are the heart of a community and an indispensable gathering […]

  • Swimming Pool

    Ladies and Gentlemen,, As I have reported, our swimming pool was maintained poorly for many years, causing irreparable damage to the expensive equipment as well as to the pool walls. […]

  • New Flooring

    Ladies and Gentlemen, In the month of February, 2015 the Association completed the New carpet installation project which cost $243,000 and was the most expensive project this year. More than […]

  • Roof Resurfacing

    In the month of May, the Association resurfaced the 12 years old roof. The roof restoration project was performed by MANY JOYA ROOFING CO. together with HENRY CO. and their […]

  • Jacuzzi Restoration

    Dear Residents, In order to keep our world-class amenities in the perfect conditions, the Hot Tub/Jacuzzi was resurfaced with the diamond bright. Also, new tiles, jets and light were installed. […]