Become the Owner

When you own residency at Turnberry on the Green, you join a select group of discerning people from all around the world. People who demand and appreciate high quality in their cosmopolitan living, luxurious comforts beyond the usual expectations, and leisure hours that can be filled with healthful and entertaining things to do. We would like to offer as much information as possible to help you become familiar with our policies and procedures. Please review the Qualifying criteriaPurchaser application and Pet agreement, prior to requesting a showing of a property.

After you signed the Purchase contract, please follow the steps below in order the process to be smooth and quick:

  1.  Submit the Sale and Purchase Contract along with the Purchaser Application to the management office.  All items in the check list must be complete for application to be process.
  2.  Obtain the Estoppel Letter from management.
  3.  Submit to the management the Closing statement (HUD-1 Statement).
  4.  Based on the information provided, the Association approve or deny the Purchaser application.
  5.  If the Approval is granted, the Association will issue the Certificate of the approval.
  6.  The Purchaser must go through Orientation before the Administrative Assistant and schedule a move-in.
  7.  Obtain your apartment keys, FOB, and garage pass from your real estate agent.

If you have additional assistance, please feel free to contact Administrative Assistant at:


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