2020 Newsletter

Dear Unit Owners and Residents Turnberry on the Green,

I would like to start this article by expressing my appreciation towards all the Board members, my colleagues, Committees, and Residents of Turnberry on the Green who put their efforts, time and energy to make our life in our community better. Also, I would like to especially thank our administrative, maintenance, engineering and housekeeping team, who have really put their hearts and souls into their daily work.

Our Board Members can work together showing unity with all the decisions they make. It is extremely important when Board Members having different points of view can make decisions with respect for each other. As my dear readers see below, our many projects are being accomplished successfully.
In the tradition of “The Turning Point,” I would like to review all of the projects that have been completed and reflect on my perspective regard-ing the future of our community.
During 2019—2020 years the Association has completed several projects that directly affect the look of our community.

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