Going Green and Saving Money

Dear Residents,

Since 2012, we have participated in the Go Green Recognition Program, which is provided by the patronage of the Aventura City Mayor. We have been awarded 7 times and this year we are participating again.

I still see many areas where we can save energy. During the year of 2020, the Board of Directors have been focusing on a few energy savings projects. We studied and researched all of the different options available, what other companies have achieved, and how they did it. We researched the materials and technology needed to cater to the specific needs of Turnberry on the Green. We have achieved good results. The results of the work was presented to the commission of the Service Advisory Board.

These are the following competitive categories we applied for nomination:

  • Savings of electricity and water usage,
  • Alternative chemicals that decrease pollution to the environment, and
  • Usage of paperless and recycling technologies.

In approximately one month, we will receive results.

Board of Directors


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  1. Judy Lim

    Hi! I think this is great for the environment and sets a high standard for our future generations. No Go Green Goal is too small to strive for! Way to go!!!

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