Swimming Pool

Dear Residents,

Several conditions can lead to stains or scale in our swimming pool, such as acidic water, alkaline water or metal objects left in the pool. They can also come from outdoor materials like leaves, branches or algae.

Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to pinpoint the cause of the stain, which can be a combination of several factors. With our proven, exclusive stain treatment, we are able to not only pinpoint the cause but treat it effectively with less strain than an eraser. Remember, stains in our pool are like stains on clothing; with the right advice and right product, you can get just about anything out! After several chemical tests, we found the proper solution.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the swimming pool was closed. We used this time to repair and renovate the swimming pool. After the restrictions were lifted, the pool was already done being renovated.

Pictures speak more than a thousand words.

Board of Directors


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