Upgrades & More

Dear Residents,

I am pleased to inform you of several repairs and upgrades, which have been recently completed at TOG.  Notably, almost all of these projects have been accomplished “in-house,” which saved the Association 1000s of dollars.

  1. We have repaired/replaced pavers throughout the property; including around the pool, tiki hut, sidewalks, next to the ponds, and so on.
  2. The main pool has been deep-cleaned in September.
  3. Both men’s and women’s saunas have been freshly painted.
  4. Upgraded outdoor light fixtures.
  5. We have painted all (400+) parking stoppers within the garage.
  6. Updated seasonal landscaping.
  7. Repaired and painted hallway ceilings damaged during the fiber-optics installation.
  8. Restored front entrance wood benches and ceramic roofs in the gazebo, garage corner towers, pool restrooms and main entrance conopy.

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