New Access Control System

We selected Bryant Integrated Technologies Inc. and Yuka Security to perform the upgrade of property’s access control system and we are confident that this upgrade will provide your residents, guest and staff with a higher level of security while on the property.
As with any change of technology there is an adjustment period and our staff is dedicated to making this as painless as possible and for this reason, we have elected to provide you with this information brief.

Our property’s need for a replacement system was due to two main reasons: (a) your old system was eon of life and parts were no longer available and (b) and most importantly because the key fob technology it employed was highly vulnerable.

The selected system is Gallagher Security due to their ability to be scaled and the integration capabilities to other systems and most importantly for their high level of security.

Your new Gallagher access control system will:

  • Monitor all points of access.
  • Easily generate reports.
  • Trigger emergency action plans if needed.
  • Integrate with other systems (at a later date) for scalability.

Your new access control system is designed to ensure that:

  • Only those people that have access to the property access it.
  • Only the vehicles that have access to the garage access it.
  • Prevent the “sharing” of key fobs and credentials that lead to:
    • Unauthorized sublets.
    • Short term rentals.
  • Curtail “tailgating” at the garage entrance.
  • Provide timely information of unwanted events.
  • Minimize the use of key fobs.

The technology that has been deployed allows the use of the current key fobs (not secured) which over time will be migrated to the higher frequency more secure type of key fob and most importantly mobile credentials.  Once this migration is 80% complete, we will disable the ability to use the current key fob thus forcing for a 100% switch and a more secure facility.

With your new system you will be able to use your mobile phone (android or iOS) as your main means for accessing the property and the garage.

  • You will get a message on your mobile phone enable that feature.
  • Follow the instructions and if you need help, please see your front office and they will help you.
  • Once you have the credential on your phone simply tap your phone to the reader, same as you do with your key fob and the door will open.

For the garage, we have implemented three means of accessing:

  • Using a key fob on a reader mounted on a pedestal.
  • Using your mobile device on a long-range special entrance lane (works at 30 feet).
  • Using a special Bluetooth vehicle tag that will be supplied by your management company.

The main access control system installation for the building is now complete and your property management team will be contacting you regarding the installation of the mobile credential on your device shortly.
Thee next step in our installation deals with the garage and after careful consideration of the needs, requirements and options we have determined that some changes, for your security and that of the property, in the traffic flow are required.

The new traffic pattern will be as follows:

Valet Only- this entrance will be used exclusively by Valet.  We will be installing a high speed arm gate that will be used to deter anyone from tailgating after the valet enters the garage.

All Exit—this will be the only exit gate from the garage to be used by all residents.  We are installing a reader on a pedestal that will serve as both for key fob and long range to open the door upon exiting.

  • We will now have a record of who exited at what time.
  • You will not be able to exit if you did not enter—this to curtail anyone from stealing a vehicle.

Entrance—all entry to the garage will be from Country Club Drive where we are installing two arm gates that will work in conjunction with the swing gate creating a “vehicle trap” to prevent any tailgating from happening.

  • Long Range lane will allow the use of the blue tooth vehicle tag or the mobile credential.
  • Key Fob lane will have a reader on a pedestal and can be used by one but is there for the use of key fobs.
  • You will NOT be able to enter the garage if you have not exited—this to prevent people from hopping on guests vehicles and using their app or fob to grant entry.


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