Improving our security

Dear Unit Owners,

The security of our Building is the most important and, the most expensive part of our budget. We deserve the best level of security and the best possible service for the money we pay. Unfortunately, Fortress Protective Services, our current security provider, neither meets our high standards, nor fulfills its obligations under the terms and conditions of the contract.

Several attempts by the Board to improve this situation with the company’s top managers did not give the expected results. There is a clear increase of unauthorized entries into the building, as well as into the garage.

In order to fulfill it’s fiduciary responsibility and to immediately improve the security of the property, the Board has proposed the following:

  1. Starting from July 2, 2009, the new security company, Marksman Security Corp., will arrive to Turnberry on the Green.
  2. Increase the number of security cameras in different locations of the tower and the garage up to 16.
  3. Replace any old outdated security equipment (monitors, DVR recorders, etc.) at the front desk.
  4. Replace our garage control system with an advanced one.
  5. Install an automatically operated additional glass door in the lobby in order to better control entries to the Building.

Here are a few important reasons as to why the Board has chosen Marksman Security:

The company has a total of more than 720 employees, successfully working in Ft. Lauderdale private airport, Ocean One, The North and South Towers At The Point in Aventura, Trump Palace in Sunny Isles, Hyatt Residence in Aventura and other upscale properties. The proven record of excellence- in the history of this company they have never lost a contract. Excellent references from all of the sources provided.

The following steps will be undertaken by the company:

1.      An initial period of adjusting to all of the residents
2.      A selection and accumulation process of professional employees.

Those two steps may take from 4 to 6 months to achieve. After the transaction period, we expect a major improvement in the quality of service and the level of the security in the building. Most of their security staff is selected from former military personnel. They are all well trained in facilities owned and operated by Marksman Security, prior to being placed on site.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Ken Caban, our Treasurer and Stephanie Boren, our Vise President for their hard work and efforts on this project.
I would also like to ask the unit owners to be patient and to help us go through this adjustment.
Together we can make a difference.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Gregori Arzoumanov

  1. millie

    I’ve checked I’m quite impressed with this company. Looks like Greg had approached security issues seriously. We are going through difficult times and we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of building security. Thank you for your effort, Greg!


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