Help changes our future.

Dear Neighbors,

Around a month and a half ago, it came to my attention that our neighbor and friend Paula has a serious health problem. The illness spread further because she did not receive immediate treatment.  Additionally, she was constantly working to support her children.  It was necessary to take immediate action because her health condition was rapidly deteriorating.

After consulting with the following Board members, Bertha Aubery, Ken Caban, and Stephanie Boren, we wrote the announcement which was visible in the elevator.

I did not expect so many of our residents to respond to the announcement; one after another, they contributed donations.

I am very glad to announce that Paula finished her first session of specialized treatments. The collected funds facilitated Paula through this difficult time and at the present moment she is preparing for her operation.

I greatly appreciate the people who responded to my announcement, their help was in time and extremely valuable.

I, as President, count that my first responsibility is to help needy people and to make life in our condominium as comfortable as possible.



Gregory Arzumanov
President Turnberry on the Green Association
Behalf of Board of Directors

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