Roof Resurfacing

Restoration project

In the month of May, the Association resurfaced the 12 years old roof. The roof restoration project was performed by MANY JOYA ROOFING CO. together with HENRY CO. and their associates contractors. The new HENRY cool roof coating will provide a highly reflective, seamless solar barrier, protecting our roof against the corrosive elements that lead to moisture penetration and damaging leaks.

Now our roof can reflect up to 88% of the sun’s heat and harmful UV radiation, and reduce the peak level energy consumption for the HVAC system. The coating material we chose is reducing our building’s maintenance expenses and utility bills.
It also complies with the government-sponsored energy rebate programs. A ten year warranty was provided by HENRY Co. The total of the project cost $132,000.00 and no special assessment was required for this project .

Below please find the comparative cost which was spent by other Condominiums:
1. Hidden Bay Condominiums, Total Units: 394 (Aventura, FL) Cost of Roof Replacement: $2.1 Million.
2. Mediterranean Village, Total Units: 103 (Aventura, FL) Cost of Roof Replacement: $1.08 Million.

No explanation is necessary. The Association spent approximately 20% compared to other Condominiums

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