Upgraded TV and Internet

The Atlantic Broadband and Unitec technicians collaborated with our engineering team to complete the installation of the fiber-optic cable in the entire building. The installation was overlooked by Yuka Security. This is the most advanced communication technology on the market. It has many benefits compared to traditional copper cabling, including the most secure communication, greatly improved speed to that of traditional cable, and resistance to electromagnetic interference which was directly affecting the quality of the TV signal.  This technology gives you a more consistent and reliable connection even during peak usage times.

Now, all Residents will enjoy the following services with the new community package:

      • Over 300 channels including local broadcasts and your favorite cable channels, including but not limited to: HBO, Showtime, Starz and EPIX.
      • More than 100 channels are in High Definition (HD).
      • The internet speed went up to 250 Mbps which is 3 times faster compared to the previous speed.

Atlantic Broadband will provide:

      • One (1) TiVo HD receiver,
      • One (1) Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
      • One (1) Modem + Wireless (WiFi) Router in each residential unit
      • Wire Maintenance service at no charge.

The cost of a similar package of TV programs and Internet is $180/month. Our Unit Owners will receive all the above upgrades with no maintenance cost increase.

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Please contact with Atlantic Broadband at 1-855-599-4700 to schedule your installation appointment.

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