The Tiki-Hut Revival

Dear Owners and Residents,

We are thrilled to share exciting news about our beloved Tiki Hut! Over the past few weeks, our condominium administration has been hard at work, and we’re delighted to unveil the stunning transformation of our lovely oasis.
The Tiki Hut has always been a central hub for our community. It’s where friendships are forged, laughter echoes, and memories are made. With its new lease on life, the Tiki Hut promises even more delightful moments for all of us.

What’s New?
Expanded Space: The Tiki Hut now boasts an extended deck, providing ample room for everyone to relax. Whether you’re sipping a piña colada or enjoying a cocktail, there’s a spot just for you.

Benefits for Owners.

1. Increased Property Value: A beautifully revamped Tiki Hut enhances the overall appeal of our community. Potential buyers will be drawn to the lifestyle we offer.
2. Social Bonding: The Tiki Hut encourages social interactions. Whether you’re a long-time resident or a new owner, this is where connections happen. Share a laugh, swap gardening tips, or challenge someone to a game of beach volleyball.
3. Wellness and Relaxation: Spending time at the Tiki Hut is therapeutic. Incredible view of the golf course, the salty breeze—it’s a natural stress-reliever. Take a break from your busy schedule and rejuvenate.

How You Can Get Involved

1. Tiki Hut Committee: Interested in shaping the Tiki Hut’s future? Join our committee! We’ll discuss events, maintenance, and ideas to keep our tropical haven thriving.
2. Share Your Tiki Tales: Have a heartwarming Tiki Hut memory? Send it to our newsletter team. We’d love to feature your stories and photos.
3. Upcoming Events: Keep an eye on our community calendar.

The Tiki Hut is more than a structure; it’s the heartbeat of our community. Let’s celebrate its revival, embrace its warmth, and create countless magical moments together.


Board of Directors


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