Gregory Arzumanov, Ph.D

Dear Unit Owners

I would like to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself to you, my neighbors and tell you what I have accomplished, where we stand, and where hopefully with your support, we will be in the following years. I currently serve as President of the Board, and have been living at Turnberry on the Green with my wife and three beautiful children since 2004.

As your President, I have dedicated myself to serving our community in the most professional and accommodating manner, to make all our residents as comfortable as possible.

When elected in 2007, I promised to reduce maintenance costs, to work together with our attorneys to settle the mediation case, and to improve the overall upkeep, safety and maintenance issues. Since elected, I have indeed kept my promises to you:

  1. The decrease in 3% monthly maintenance fees for 2009. Most of the condominium buildings in our area as seeing significant increases in maintenance fees and assessments, yet your Board of Directors has cut costs significantly and made significant spending adjustments in order to realize an actual maintenance fee reduction for 2009. This is the second decrease that this Board of Directors has delivered. In 2008 we passed a 13% decrease in the overall cost of maintenance – in spite of difficult economic conditions.
  2. We have reduced other major expenses such as our Insurance, and saved more than $160,000 on insurance alone.
  3. We have settled our law suit with Turnberry Associates and every unit will have the bathtub defect fixed with NO ADDITIONAL COST to the unit owner. We will receive $500,000 and transfer the Title of one commercial space to our Association. This was a significant matter that was unresolved since the building opened. The 2008 Board of Directors was able to negotiate this resolution.*
  4. Swimming pool problems were addressed start fixing.
  5. Improvements in landscaping and grounds maintenance. We have contracted with a new company to help improve the curb appeal of the building. This will make a dramatic difference in the way perspective buyers view our property. Efficiently repaired the air-pressure system which is a life-safety feature in the event of an evacuation. This saved us thousands of dollars in potential fines.
  6. We have significantly reduced the amount of accounts receivable outstanding and we have collected over $26,000 in late fees. This is the first time in three years that the amount of outstanding accounts receivable has actually DECREASED.

I have worked closely with The Joint Council and Revision Committee of Aventura. These organizations help our building to not only get better prices from vendors but also keep our cost down.

We are facing difficult times in our country, but I am completely confident, that along with your support we can not only work together in a friendly and understanding atmosphere, but can succeed in solving our challenges and growing stronger and more secure in the years to come.

I love our gorgeous building and want to make it the best place to live! That is why I am asking for your vote and I promise to attend to each one of you with respect, honesty and trust.
If you re-elect me, I’ll continue looking for new ways to reduce our maintenance in the coming year. I will put all my energy and effort in order to bring our building to the level it deserves.

I will keep unit owners fully informed about different aspects of life in Turnberry on the Green through my web site:, which I have designed and sponsored specifically for unit owners.

Thank you in advance for your trust. I will not let you down.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at phone# 305-777-5570


Arthur Barr . . . . . . . . . .Revision Committee of the Aventura City, President Tempe-Emanu-El of Miami
Andrew Ellenberg . . . . .Attorney, Needle & Ellenberg LLC,
Devid V. Lozner . . . . . . .Attorney, Lozner & Mastropietro, LLC
Steven Siegfried . . . . . .Attorney, Turnberry on the Green Association
Andrew Goidel . . . . . . .Attorney, Goidel & Siegel, LLC
Mark J. Lynn . . . . . . . . .Attorney, Hunt & Gross, LLC
Susan Coe . . . . . . . . . .First Property Manager of the Turnberry on the Green
Lee Nagourney. . . . . . . MD, CMPR
Mark Tabakman . . . . . . MD, CPMR
Alex Zolotusky, CPA, EA . . . . IRS Audit Rep

* We are one step away from finalizing the deal.

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