Real Estate Market Analysis for Turnberry on the Green

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The links below contain descriptions of each property organized by “status”, that is, whether it’s currently available for sale, under contract, sold, or was listed for sale but did not sell. A short description of each property
is provided, followed by a summary table of each property’s key features, which allow you to easily compare the features of your unit with others in our building.

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Last Update – February 18, 2019

I appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis for Turnberry on the Green Condominium. This analysis contains a summary of the recent real estate transactions in our condominium for apartments that are similar to yours. While none of the apartments included in this analysis are exactly like yours, they do provide a good basis by which to compare your home with the “competition”.

Your home may have special features or improvements that could substantially affect the price range in which it should be listed.  We will discuss pricing in more detail after you’ve had a chance to review the enclosed information.

Real estate selling price:
The map above illustrates the strength of each state’s real estate market on the following scale: very weak seller’s, weak seller’s, neutral, seller’s or strong seller’s market. The ranking is based on that state’s current inventory and average days on market. Homes are more likely to sell above asking price in seller’s markets and below asking price in weak seller’s markets.

California and Washington are two top strong seller’s markets, likely due to their highly desirable characteristics including temperate weather, strong labor markets and steady economic growth.

The table similarly provides a breakdown of the strength of seller’s markets by state. Most states in the West and Midwest regions are seller’s and strong seller’s markets. Conversely, many states in the Northeast region are neutral or weak seller’s states. Connecticut is the only very weak seller’s market, possibly due to the state’s slow economic growth.

Source data: CoreLogic®
Data date: 09/10/2018

U.S. metro areas with greatest median sales price increases month-over-month.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions regarding this analysis or would like any additional information.

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