Go Green Award

In the month of April, The Association has been Go Green warded by the mayor of Aventura, Enid Weisman, as one of the companies that best use energy-saving technology and other advanced technologies to minimize emissions of carbon and chlorine in the air. This is our eighth award from city officials in the past 9 years.

The City of Aventura’s Commitment to Going Green

The City is committed to reducing its carbon footprint on the environment, and it is proud to be a Green Local Government, as certified by the Florida Green Builders Coalition (FGBC). The FGBC designates Green Cities and Counties for outstanding environmental stewardship. The program focuses on improving environmental performance through waste reduction, water conservation, air quality improvements, and many other criteria. The process of becoming a Green City is an opportunity to improve existing programs, start new programs and set an example to the community in order to improve environmental sustainability.

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