• Aerobics Classes

    Started from July 1, 2023 the Board of Directors added complimentary Aerobics classes for our residents. . Water aerobics is a form of aerobic exercise that requires water-immersed participants, standing […]

  • Landscaping Project

    A well-maintained condo landscaping projects increases property value. It might sound obvious, but it is important to highlight that first impressions are highly influential. When a guest or a potential […]

  • Pool Deck, Lifting & Leveling

    Our engineers team used sand and small pebbles on top of the concrete lifting it to the level that was needed. . Is our pool deck sinking? Has it become […]

  • Car Charging Stations

    We are always thinking of the future and of those residents who love to use electric vehicles. Therefore, we have designed a plan to install electric car charging station in […]

  • Pool Technical Room Repairs

    About 7 years ago we built a cover made from teak for the Technical Room to protect the equipment servicing our pools (such as pumps, filters, water purification systems, etc). […]

  • Speed bumps in the Garage

    Speed bumps are needed to prevent vehicles from going too fast and causing unnecessary accidents. Unfortunately collisions with pedestrians can happen at any time and affect our parking garage liability. […]

  • Playground restoration

    .We Poured in Place Rubber Playground Surfacing The old rubber surface was damaged and cracked. Our team of experts were able to change the entire playground and in addition resurface […]

  • Cafe

    One of the most significant projects initiated by our directors Loretta, Richard, and Yuri is building a new cafe. This cafe will be located on the ground floor opposite from […]

  • Free Wi-Fi Service

    Dear Residents, We have completed the long-anticipated project to provide internet services to the Residents of Turnberry on the Green.   Overall, three (3) long-range Wi-Fi transmitters have been installed around […]

  • Tree-Trimming

    Dear Residents, Close to 190 trees, including the palm trees throughout the property, have been meticulously trimmed and coconuts removed.  Our crew were able to accomplish this task in-house, which […]