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A letter from the President

Dear Members,

The Miami-Dade Tax Collector’s Office has issued and mailed out the 2018 Property Tax Bill. This bill is due no later than March 31st, 2019. You may save up to $400.00, depending the size of your property, if you make your payments before the end of November 2018.
NOTE: If you have mortgage and your monthly payments include an escrow, please disregard this notice, because your bank will pay your property tax on your behalf.
Please click HERE in order to proceed to the Miami-Dade Tax Collector’s Payment Portal:
If you need help to read your 2018 Real Estate Tax Bill and would like to see the other payment options, please click HERE.

Estimados Miembros,

La Oficina del Recaudador de Impuestos del Condado de Miami-Dade emitido y enviado las facturas de impuestos a la propiedad del 2018. La factura se debe pagar a mas tardar el 31 de Marzo del 2019. Usted puede ahorrar hasta $400.00, dependiendo del tamano de su propiedad, si realiza el pago antes del final de Noviembre 2018.
NOTA: Si tiene una hipoteca y sus pago mensuales incluyen un deposito de garantia, ignore este aviso, ya que su banco pagara el impuesto a la propiedad en su nombre.
Haga clic AQUI para ir al Portal de pagos del Recaudador de impuestos de Miami-Dade:
Si necesita ayuda para leer su facture de impuestos 2018 o si desea ver las otras opciones de pago, haga clic AQUI.

Gregori Arzumanov

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Dear Member, In order to continue with our tradition, I would like to remind you that September 18, 2018 is the deadline to exercise your right to appeal the 2018  Property Tax. Property taxes are calculated based on your assessed value, therefore,  if the assessed value on your Notice of Proposed Property,  which you recently received  from the  Property Appraisal, is inaccurate, you may be overpaying. Please contact our management office to determine the correct Assessed value for your unit. In order to appeal online, please click HERE Como es de costumbre en el mes de Setiembre de cada ano, la… Read More

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Dear Fellow Unit Owners, Another year has passed and we are scheduled for the budget and the annual membership meetings on December 14th, 2017. The budget meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. and the annual meeting at 7:00 p.m. At these meetings, I will inform you about the Association’s financials, as well as our completed and upcoming projects. I would like to express my appreciation to all of those who have contributed their time and efforts and supported the Board of Directors in overcoming the many challenges that we faced during the year. I also would like to acknowledge the… Read More

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Dear Residents, This notice is to inform you of the conditions of our Condominium after the impact of Hurricane Irma. The good news is that not even one window was shattered and the general structure does not have any damage. We lost electricity from the city for approximately 20 hours during the most aggressive winds but our generator backed up and supplied the power in the common areas. There were no floods in the parking garage thanks to our pump system. The bad news is that we still do not have internet, telephone and cable services from Atlantic Broadband and… Read More